New Year brings New School

St. Louis the King Catholic School at the Cathedral officially opened August 24, 2012.

Located at the site of the former Cathedral Basilica School, St. Louis the King is the first school to open in the City of St. Louis under Archbishop Robert J. Carlson’s leadership and pronouncement that “Catholic schools are my first priority!” (See sidebar for pictures)

The Archbishop, along with Superintendent Mr. George Henry, members of the school community, and community leaders and supporters marked the occasion with a prayer service, ribbon-cutting and release of balloons by the students in celebration of their new school. 

The Archbishop said to the  children, “I am praying for and counting on you to make this school, as Jesus said, like a “city on a mountain that cannot be hidden.” In other words, Alive in Christ! 

(This post is an article from the E-vangelizer published by the Archdiocese of St. Louis.)


One Response to “New Year brings New School”

  1. cccollaborative Says:

    Our schools are changing and developing. Although there are times when we need to let go of things we love dearly – something new can rise from the letting go!
    God’s blessing on all who brought this new school to its beginning and on all those who had to let go of what they knew!

    God bless this new school and all who fill its space!

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